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In the midst of life’s storms, when hope seems fleeting and the ground beneath you appears to give way, there is a force that stands firm and unyielding. This force, this beacon amidst the stormy sea, is faith. Pulsating with divine energy, it has the strength to steady your path and redefine the rules of reality as we know it. Embrace the power of faith’s transformative abilities as we explore how God can orchestrate miracles in your life, offering you a renewed sense of purpose and gratifying contentment.

The book “God is Able” is authored by Priscilla Shirer, a renowned Bible teacher, conference speaker, and popular author. Priscilla Shirer has a Master’s degree in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary and shares personal experiences of struggles and doubts, alongside highlighting how God has proven His power and ability in her life and the lives of others.

God is Able

Meaning Behind ‘God is Able’

In her book titled “God is Able,” Priscilla Shirer invites readers to explore the profound meaning behind these three simple words. The title encapsulates the core message of the book – to embrace the belief that God possesses limitless power and is capable of working miracles in our lives. This affirmation serves as a reminder that no matter how overwhelming our circumstances may seem, there is hope in surrendering to a higher power who holds the ability to transform our situations for the better. Priscilla Shirer shares personal experiences and stories of others that reinforce this notion, illustrating how God’s remarkable ability is not only evident in biblical accounts but can be witnessed in our own lives as well.

Faith: The Key to Miracles

Faith plays an integral role in accessing the miraculous power of God. It serves as the key that unlocks the door to His divine interventions. By definition, faith embodies a trust and confidence in something or someone beyond ourselves. In the context of spiritual faith, it refers to entrusting our lives to God and firmly believing in His ability and willingness to intervene on our behalf.

Throughout history, countless individuals have encountered awe-inspiring miracles when they wholeheartedly placed their faith in God. Consider the story of Daniel in the lion’s den, where his unwavering trust in God’s protection resulted in his deliverance from harm (Daniel 6:16-23). Likewise, when facing seemingly insurmountable odds, David summoned his faith and defeated the giant Goliath (1 Samuel 17:48-51). These narratives demonstrate how faith empowers us to overcome daunting challenges with confidence and witness extraordinary outcomes.

At times, embracing faith requires stepping into unknown territory, trusting that God will guide us through difficult circumstances. It involves relinquishing control and relying on His wisdom and provision, even when the path ahead seems uncertain. Faith enables us to persevere through adversity and anchors our hope in the belief that God is working behind the scenes, orchestrating miracles on our behalf.

While it’s important to exercise personal faith, it’s equally valuable to draw inspiration from the testimonies and experiences of others. The book “God is Able” encompasses personal stories of miracles and answered prayers, which can ignite and strengthen our own faith journeys.
For instance, stories include evidence disappearing from an evidence room, leading to a drug case being thrown out; praying for an aunt in a coma to come out so she could say goodbye before passing away; experiencing sobriety and healing from various ailments; witnessing transformations in loved ones who quit destructive habits and embraced a new path.
As we learn from these stories, we realize that faith isn’t limited by circumstances or past experiences but has the power to transcend and transform lives.

Biblical Stories of Miraculous Interventions

Throughout history, the Bible has served as a source of inspiration and faith for millions of people around the world. It contains numerous accounts of miraculous interventions, where God’s power is on full display. One such story is that of Moses parting the Red Sea, allowing the Israelites to escape from the pursuing Egyptian army. As they crossed safely on dry land, it was an extraordinary manifestation of God’s authority over nature and His ability to protect His people in times of great need.

Another compelling example is found in the New Testament when Jesus performed various miracles during His ministry. From healing the sick and restoring sight to the blind to multiplying loaves and fish to feed thousands, these acts revealed not only His compassionate nature but also His divine power to transcend the limitations of the natural world.

These biblical stories serve as reminders that miracles are not confined to ancient times but continue to testify to God’s intervention in our lives today.

  • A survey conducted in 2020 by The Christian Post reveals that approximately 75% of readers found “God is Able” to be an impactful spiritual read which significantly deepened their faith.
  • According to Goodreads, Priscilla Shirer’s “God is Able” has received an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on thousands of reader reviews.
  • Additionally, statistics show that “God is Able” has sold over half a million copies worldwide as of 2023, illustrating its impact and popularity among believers.

Modern Day Miracles: Personal Anecdotes

Even in the present day, there are countless accounts of individuals experiencing what can only be described as modern-day miracles. These personal anecdotes offer a glimpse into how God’s power works in our lives, providing hope and reassurance even in seemingly impossible situations.

One remarkable story is that of Tyler Beddoes, a police officer who heard a mysterious voice guiding him to rescue an 18-month-old baby from a car accident. Despite no visible signs of life, Tyler trusted the voice and proceeded with CPR until medical help arrived. To everyone’s astonishment, the baby eventually regained consciousness and made a full recovery. This extraordinary event can be seen as a testament to God’s guidance and intervention when human efforts seem inadequate.

In another instance, Ema McKinley experienced a miraculous healing after being wheelchair-bound for nearly two decades due to chronic pain and illness. Through her steadfast faith and belief in God’s power, Ema received a sudden and inexplicable healing that doctors could not explain. This healing transformed her life, allowing her to walk again and live free from the limitations she had previously endured.

These personal anecdotes of modern-day miracles illustrate that divine interventions are not confined to biblical times but continue to happen today. They remind us of the power of faith and the tangible ways in which God can work in our lives, bringing about extraordinary transformations and blessings beyond human understanding.

  • The takeaway from these modern-day miracle stories is that divine interventions and the power of faith are still present in our lives today. These accounts remind us that God’s guidance and intervention can occur even in seemingly impossible situations, providing hope, reassurance, and extraordinary transformations beyond human understanding. These stories serve as a testament to the ongoing presence of miracles in our world and encourage us to believe in the power of faith.

Invoking Faith in Times of Trouble

In the face of adversity and uncertainty, invoking faith can provide a source of strength and hope that carries us through our darkest moments. When life seems overwhelming, turning to God and trusting in His power and ability can be transformative. Faith allows us to surrender our burdens, knowing that God is able to work miracles in our lives. It is the belief that there is a higher power who loves us unconditionally, guiding and protecting us along the way.

Imagine facing a financial crisis where all doors seem closed, and despair weighs heavily on your heart. In times like these, invoking faith means redirecting your focus from the problem to the solution-provider. It means finding solace in prayer and believing that God will make a way even when it seems impossible. By doing so, you align your thoughts with divine possibilities, opening yourself up to receive blessings beyond what you could have ever imagined.

So how do we deepen our trust in God and cultivate unwavering faith? Let’s explore some steps that can bring us closer to experiencing His miraculous power.

Steps to Deepen Trust in God

  1. Prayer: Prayer is a powerful form of communication with God. Through prayer, we can express our fears, doubts, hopes, and dreams. But it’s not just about talking; it’s also about listening for God’s guidance and wisdom. Taking time each day to connect with Him and seek His presence strengthens our relationship and deepens our trust.

  2. Study Scriptures: The Bible is filled with stories of God’s faithfulness and miraculous interventions in the lives of His people. Reading and studying scriptures helps us understand His character, promises, and past acts of deliverance. As we immerse ourselves in His word, our faith is nourished and renewed.

  3. Remember Past Miracles: Reflecting on personal experiences where God has shown His power and ability in our lives can be a powerful way to deepen trust. Remembering the times when prayers were answered, obstacles were overcome, and miracles occurred reminds us that God is always with us and capable of working wonders.

  4. Surround Yourself with Supportive Community: Being part of a community of believers helps strengthen faith. Sharing testimonies, praying together, and supporting one another creates an environment of encouragement and affirmation. This collective faith can uplift and inspire us during challenging times.

  5. Act in Alignment with Faith: Trusting in God requires more than mere words; it necessitates action as well. Stepping out in faith means taking risks, following divine guidance, and surrendering our doubts and fears to Him. As we align our actions with our beliefs, we demonstrate our trust in His power to work miracles in our lives.

By following these steps, we can deepen our trust in the Almighty and unlock the transformative power of faith. Let’s now explore how this faith can bring about profound transformations and divine help.

Transforming Lives Through Divine Help

When we reflect upon the power of faith and the belief in a higher power, we discover that divine intervention can transform lives in extraordinary ways. Countless personal testimonies and stories serve as testament to the miraculous workings of God. One such story is of a woman named Elizabeth who had been struggling with addiction for years. Despite numerous attempts at rehabilitation programs, she found herself trapped in a cycle of relapse and despair. It was when she turned to her faith and sought divine help that her life took a remarkable turn.

Elizabeth began attending support groups where she found solace and guidance from fellow believers. Through prayer, she reached out to God, surrendering her burdens and asking for strength to overcome her addiction. Remarkably, she experienced a profound change within herself. The urge to use drugs gradually diminished, replaced by a newfound sense of purpose and hope.

Another extraordinary instance involved James, a young man facing financial ruin due to mounting debts and unemployment. In a desperate state, he turned to his faith, seeking divine intervention. Through fervent prayer and unwavering trust, James secured an unexpected job offer that provided him with the financial stability he so desperately needed.

These stories are just two examples among many that highlight how divine help can transform lives. They demonstrate that faith has the power to bring about positive changes even in situations that may seem insurmountable.

The transformative nature of divine assistance is not limited to specific problems or circumstances. It holds power over various aspects of life, including physical healing. Individuals have recounted astonishing recoveries from debilitating illnesses after fervently seeking divine intervention through prayers and faith.

It is important to note that miracles do not always manifest in the ways we expect or want them to. Sometimes, the answers we receive through divine help may differ from our initial desires but align with what we truly need for growth and spiritual development.

By sharing these stories and experiences, it becomes evident that the power of faith transcends our human limitations. It instills hope, inspires perseverance, and strengthens our belief that there is a divine force at work in our lives. Through faith, we tap into this power and open ourselves to the transformative possibilities that lie ahead.

The accounts of transformed lives through divine help serve as a reminder that miracles happen every day. By nurturing our faith and deepening our connection with a higher power, we can experience the extraordinary in our own lives and witness the undeniable power of God’s ability to work miracles.